Running Man 1-100 : A Few Lists!

Since I'm starting this blog while in the process of watching Running Man, I figure it would be a good idea to give a little bit of a recap of what I have thought of the show in the past so my opinions going forward might make more sense. In this post I will be giving a Top 10 Lists for the first 100 episodes of Running Man. For reference, I am currently up to episode 137.

Without further preamble let's start the top tens!

Top Ten Episodes

Obvious first list, but here goes; for the purposes of this list, multi-part episodes are considered 1 episode:

  1. Episode 95-97 {Guests: Park Ji Sung and IU (for episode 96, and briefly in 97)} - Loved these episodes all the way through, the Super Powers soccer game is probably my #2 moment still in Running Man. The whole thing was very entertaining.
  2. Episode 74 {No Guests} - Christmas Special, the introduction of the Super Powers concept. I'm sure this episode shows up on a lot of lists of this nature so I don't feel the need to go into it too much, it was as good as everyone told me it would be.
  3. Episode 38 {No Guests} - The introduction of the Spy concept. Yoo Jae Suk is given a water gun and told to eliminate the other running men without them finding out. After that they play some games, but the chase is what made this episode great.
  4. Episodes 57-58 {Guests: Shin Se Kyung and Chae Tae Hyung} - Mostly this is here because I really like Shin Se Kyung, but it was a very well set up episode with a very long race. Basically the entire first day is one long race to set up for another day of racing the next.
  5. Episode 25 {Guests: Park Bo Young} - In this episode they play a 7v1 game w/ the guest, I think it's probably the best of the lot from the early show and the race afterwards is very funny.
  6. Episode 39 {Guests: Sunny and Yoona of SNSD} - Introduction of the concept of guests eliminating Running Man. On the heels of the introduction of the spy, we have another episode where no guests immediately appear, instead the running men are given a rather monotonous task to complete but start mysteriously being eliminated. They are all very suspicious of each other.
  7. Episode 21 {Guests: Kim Je Dong} - This episode is, again, all about the chase. Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook team up to prove that they're the real powerhouses of the show.
  8. Episode 42 {No Guests} - The True Gary show. Gary is the spy, but the running men all know about it and must convince him that they don't to win.
  9. Episode 98 {No Guests} - The zombie survival episode; I loved the concept of this episode but felt the team didn't execute it as well as they could have, even still it was very enjoyable and a concept I'd really like them to try again at some point.
  10. Episode 50-51 {Guests: Kim Min Jung and Nickhun} - Thailand episode! This was the first time Running Man ventured out of the safety of Korea and it did not disappoint. Great chase on day 2 and enjoyable games on day 1.

Top Five Female Guests

I like pretty women, so sue me.

  1. IU - episodes 43, 77, 96 and briefly 97 - I'm not sure I really need to give reasoning here, but she is cute and has a very friendly personality on the show, she didn't seem out of place and seemed to enjoy participating in all the games.
  2. Shin Se Kyung - episodes 57 and 58 - She was very into the game, later admitting that she was too into it and that she got in trouble because she was too intense. I became a fan of hers after these episodes.
  3. Park Bo Young - episode 25 - She likes the show and plays the games well. Plus she's really cute while doing it.
  4. Sunny - episode 39 - SHE IS SUNNY. AEGYO.
  5. Goo Ha Ra - episode 2, 3 and 49 - In episodes 2 and 3 she shows off her gaming prowess, episode 49 she is a princess.

Top Five Male Guests

  1. Jung Yong Hwa - episode 7, 11, 17, 35, 36, 72, and 73 - Not really anything specific for Yong Hwa, but he's almost like a regular cast member he fits in so well.
  2. Park Ji Sung - episode 95, 96, and 97 - Well, it helps that these are my favorite episodes, but he's also just a great guest. He gets along with all the running men and does a great job with all the games he participates in.
  3. Nickhun - episode 4, 5, 19, 40, 50, and 51 - This is another guy who just seems at ease on the show. He is always very good in the games, very competitive.
  4. U-know Yunho - episode 27 - Very strong guest. Gets along great with the cast.
  5. Choi Si-won - episode 22 - Love the expressions. He's very into the games. Enjoyable.

My Running Man Power Rankings

Really, it's just a list of who I like best in the running man cast.

  1. Kim Jong Kook - The Commander, I've been a fan of Stefano since the very early episodes. I'm not sure when it happened but at some point I realized I was just rooting for him to win every time.
  2. Haha - I didn't like Haha for the longest time, but towards the upper 70s or so I started to become a fan. I like when he embraces his sleezy nature.
  3. Gary - The surprisingly competent member of the group. Early on he's pretty awkward but really embraces variety after a while and is consistently very funny.
  4. Song Ji Hyo - Yeah, she's beautiful, but she's also very smart and very good at the games.
  5. Yoo Jae Suk - Nation's MC. I often find myself rooting against him because he's butted against Kim Jong Kook.
  6. Lee Kwang Soo - The Giraffe, I am not a fan of his constant betrayal and don't really like his jokes. I thought that he was funny early on when he was doing his false accusations.
  7. Ji Suk Jin - The Official Race Starter, not really much to say about him, he's sort of just there most of the time. Doesn't impact most games.